Visitors’ Booking is not enabled in your community


Our Community Management tool helps protect your neighbourhood through a secured system that uses digital access codes either via OTP or QR Codes (access codes are valid for 3 hours. The time validity of the codes can be flexible). Let’s show you what you should see on this page:

visitor booking

Benefits of Visitors’ Booking

  • Get secured codes between you and your visitor.
  • You can give access without getting manual calls from the gate.
  • Give your guests access from wherever you are without having to walk to the gate.

    How to Book a Visitor

    • Invite contacts from phone book: You can book a new visitor by clicking on a contact in your phonebook and sending them an invite code.
    • Invite New contact – Enter the visitor’s name and phone number and select book visit
    • Repeat visits can also be booked. Turn on the repeat visit icon, Select the frequency, start date, end date and Time of visit.


    History (top right) – This shows a list of visits booked against the property unit (access codes are valid for 3 hours. The time validity of the codes can be flexible)

    You can cancel a repeating visit by clicking on the name of the person, it opens up the visit. Top right is Cancel repeat.


    Contact your community management or VENCO Team to enable Visitors Booking for your community today!