Smart Meters

Our smart meters allow communities to monitor, control, and allocate the cost of occupants’ energy, water and gas usage based on their consumption. The meters are available in prepaid/postpaid, single-phase/three-phase and blended-tariff/dual-tariff variants.

Smart Meters
VENCO Prepaid Meters

Meters Built To Empower

Real Estate Developers

Make your projects more compelling for buyers by delivering homes along with VENCO software

Facilities Managers

Monitor and manage water & energy production and consumption with our easy to use software

Residents Associations

Account for and allocate the cost of water & energy with no stress

Energy Service Providers

Easily monitor and manage power generation equipment

Home and Business Owners

Save money by having visibility of your water & energy consumption spend and trends

VENCO Smart Meters

Intelligent Utility Management

Our smart meters help communities to reduce energy and water waste. With the VENCO app, communities can collect payments upfront and reduce errors and time spent by facility managers in allocating and analysing utility costs.

Remote Meter Communications

Remote Communications

Monitor consumption and check energy & water usage from anywhere without needing physical access to your meter.

Zero Vending Cost

Zero Vending Server Costs

Save millions by using our free vending server at no additional cost when you subscribe to VENCO.

Utility Statistics

Utility Statistics at Your Fingertips

Our utilities monitoring dashboard provides data on all aspects of your community’s energy (and other utilities) usage.

Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance

Guarantee collections by linking ability to vend with being up-to-date with communal fees.

Better Decision Making

Better Decision Making

Make informed decisions about utility pricing and supply based on usage statistics captured on our meters and software.

Improve Cashflow From Collections

Improve Cashflow From Collections

Don’t struggle to raise cash to pay communal utility bills. Let occupants pay in advance for utilities with our prepaid utility meters and vending app.

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