Everything you need to simplify life in your community – Make online bill & utility payments, receive immediate value for payments, vend energy anytime and anywhere, book-in visitors securely without stress, download electronic statements and utility bills; report and track issues right from the app.

Online Bill & Utility Payments


Smart Access Control

Smart Access Control

Use our low-cost, low-maintenance resident and visitor identification tools to improve security in your community. Also integrates easily with 3rd party physical access devices.

Online Bill & Utility Payments

Online Bill & Utility Payments

Streamline and automate billing, collections, and reconciliation of communal dues and levies. Avoid late payments using our integrated revenue assurance measures. Make online bill & utility payments easier and give residents access to the cheapest convenience fees on the market.

Property Dashboard

Property Dashboard

Access all information about your property in one place – property data, billing and payment history, pre-paid meter assignment, energy purchase and consumption history and much more.

Report Issue

Report Issues

Raise and track issues directly from the Mobile App anywhere you are.

24/7 Emergency System

24/7 Emergency System

Report emergencies within your community as they happen and receive direct responses from the right authority.

Amenities Scheduling

Amenities Scheduling

Avoid clashing with neighbours for shared amenities by scheduling them when you want to use them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the VENCO Resident App?

The VENCO Resident App is available for installation on Google Playstore and Apple App store. Click here to download

Does VENCO allow me book visitors into community

Yes. Our visitor management system allows residents to register guests using messaging clients like Telegram or through a mobile browser. The guests then receive SMS messages with pass codes that are verified at the gate before they are allowed entry. This cuts short the waiting time of visitors at estate gates.

Can I book for amenties within my community using the VENCO app

Yes, the VENCO app has an Amenity Management feature that allows residents schedule to use an amenity with the community at a certain time

Can I pay for demand notices online?

Yes. VENCO can be used to electronically collect payments on behalf of estates and commercial properties.

Can I use VENCO to report issues to my Facility Managers

Yes, VENCO provides robust but simple-to-use issue logging and management capabilities.

Is the VENCO system secure?

VENCO is secure. It is hosted on a secure server, uses SSL to protect communications, and employs two-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized personnel has access to the software.