Post-Disaster (Hike in Diesel Prices) Energy Management Tips

Jan 9, 2023 | Uncategorized

The rippling effect of the hike in diesel prices has affected different businesses in various industries including the Facility Management industry. In the past nine months, diesel prices have skyrocketed by 142% from ₦330 to ₦800.

With the rising cost of residential and commercial property occupiers struggle to piece together the right elements to create a successful effort to reduce consumption and cost. Property occupiers are becoming more interested in energy management strategies and techniques to help monitor, control, and conserve their energy consumption for more positive financial outcomes.

Here are simple tips to help improve energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

Collect Utility Bill Data

It is important to take steps to monitor energy usage. Through our VENCO platform, users are able to see their energy usage over a period of time. This data will help keep track of expenses and consumption units and periods.

Analyze Meter Data

Once the utility bill data is collected, energy consumption is analyzed to see how energy is being used and to identify peak periods as well as changes in energy consumption trends. With VENCO smart meters, it is easy to monitor energy consumption usage from the comfort of your home through our platform which also provides users with interval data that identifies when energy use is at its peak and when it is the lowest.

Identify an Opportunity to save cost

By understanding peak periods across trends, proactive steps can be taken to reduce cost and energy consumption. Whether it is replacing machinery or understanding which systems may be consuming energy, there is now a comprehensive understanding of how energy is being consumed.

Track Your Progress

It is important to ensure that changes made toward energy conservation are effective, through monitoring your meters and analyzing the available data, you can track your progress and make better decisions.

 Learn more or schedule a demo to see how our platform and smart meters at VENCO can help you track, and optimise energy consumption and cost in your community at

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