Issues reporting has been Disabled

Do you have an issue you would like to report? Rather than walking to the Community Administration building, you can report any issue you have on your Community Management app with the right details and have your community administrator attend to them directly.
Issue reporting

Benefits of Issues Reporting

  • Get a direct response to your issue wherever you are.
  • Input the details and description of the issue for your community administrator.
  • You can view your history of previous issues.
  • You can edit the status of your issue if it had been closed by the Facility manager.

How to use the Issue reporting feature

  • Residents can report an issue by selecting the Issue type, subject and brief description of the issue. They can attach photos from gallery or take a picture
  • History – This shows a list of issues reported against the unit and their status (Open, replied, closed).
  • Residents can change the status of an issue from open to closed, can reopen a closed issue and leave a comment for the Facility manager.
Contact your community management or VENCO Team to enable Issue Reporting for your community today!