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Some of the most frequently asked questions

What does VENCO do?

Venco is a software platform that enables Facilities Managers, Developers, Estate Owners, and Residents Associations to manage processes in their estates such as

  • Issue Management
  • Ownership and Occupancy Details
  • Demand Notice Generation
  • Cash calls for Estate Projects
  • Estate Communications and Notifications
  • Online Payments for Services
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • Inventory Management for Fuel and Spares
  • Visitor Management
  • Service Provision Controls
  • Financial Reporting and so much more

How does money collected by VENCO get to the final beneficiaries?

Final beneficiaries such as Developers, Facilities Managers, and Resident Associations can open accounts directly with payment gateways so that any payments collected go directly to their accounts. Alternatively, Venco can collect into its own wallet and disburse directly to beneficiaries.

Are your meters prepaid and STS compliant?

Yes, all VENCO meters are prepaid meters and are STS compliant which is the industry standard for meters.

Is the VENCO system secure?

VENCO is secure. It is hosted on a secure server, uses SSL to protect communications, and employs two-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized personnel has access to the software.

Can VENCO help estates manage their finances and purchases?

Yes. Venco incorporates a full accounting and purchasing system that allows the booking and monitoring of accounting and purchasing transactions.

Can VENCO vend tokens for utilities such as electricity and water?

Yes. VENCO integrates with any STS-compliant vending server and is able to use this to generate and deliver tokens to estate residents and commercial property tenants.