Bills & Utility is not enabled in your community


Get around the hassles of fulfilling communal dues and collections and also purchase utilities with just a few clicks. VENCO makes it easy for you to manage your utility usage, track utility purchase history and instantly get electronic copies of utility & community bills.

Has a BONUS, with the VENCO app you can get utility tokens upfront and pay later.

Features of Bills & Utility

1. Community Bills

  • This shows a list of bills generated against a property unit.
  • Outstanding bills are called Demand Notices; You can pay for demand notices by clicking the pay button next to it.
  • Once a demand notice has been paid, it no longer has a pay button next to it.
  • A Payment also appears on the list and you can click on it to download or share your receipt.


2. Purchase Utilities

This shows a portal where you can purchase utilities using the following steps:

  • The select property list shows the house name, if managing more than one property within the estate a dropdown will be displayed that allows you to select the property unit.

  • Item group – Services

  • Select Services – Electricity, Water, Gas etc

  • Select Payment Method:

    • Pay online (For instant purchase of energy),
    • Pay with Balance – This allows you to use the excess credit in your account for future payments.
    • Emergency Token – For use in case of emergency when the payment gateway or bank network is down so Residents can generate a token

3. View Virtual Account
Here you find all the account numbers for the payable items within your community.

4. Get Account Statement
Here you can download your account statement for bills and payments made on the estate over a period of time.

Contact your community management or VENCO Team to enable Bills & Utilties for your community today!